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21 Best Flannel Shirts for Men in 2020 Will Make Everything Better

21 Best Flannel Shirts for Men in 2020 Will Make Everything Better

In a year as unsettling as this one, it’s nice to have things you can rely on. And the best flannel shirts for men—like the law of gravity or the Knicks’ perpetual irrelevance—are as steadfast and dependable as can be. For going on two centuries now, weighty flannel shirts have been adopted and reinterpreted by just about every demographic and subculture imaginable: frontier loggers, WWII sailors, greasers, surfers, punks, skaters, west coast rappers, grunge kids, rock climbers, contractors, mustachioed Williamsburg hipsters, hypebeasts, yoga moms, tech bros, present-day NBA tunnel style kings. That universality is a testament to the fabric itself: resilient enough to take a beating on a jobsite, comfortable enough to swaddle up in on weekends, respectable enough to wear on a date or out to brunch with your folks or on a Zoom call with your boss. 

The very best flannel shirts are endlessly adaptable—you can wear ‘em on their own or over stuff like a jacket, with jeans or sweats or dress pants or cargoes or gym shorts—and they’ll never not look entirely on point. They’re comforting and time-tested, and you’re going to need as many of them as you can muster to make it through the winter in style. Here are the 21 best flannel shirts for men to buy right now, in heavy plaids and thick stripes and foliage-inspired tones that’ll fit in seamlessly no matter your taste or wardrobe.

The Skater Flannel

Fucking Awesome heavy flannel overshirt

Skateboarders have been riding in flannel work shirts—and looking cooler than cool in ’em—for decades now, so it makes sense that a skate legend like Jason Dill would deliver the most bang-on perfect flannel we’ve seen in some time. The shirt, from Dill’s label Fucking Awesome, is indeed fucking awesome. It’s cut boxy and relaxed from beefy, beautiful, 3D-textured fabric, with contrasting tones on the body and arms for an extra level of pop. Even if you’re too clumsy to ever step foot on a board, you’ll emit some serious attitude anytime you pull this on.

The Heritage Flannel

Woolrich Oxbow buffalo shirt

When it comes to flannel shirts, it doesn’t get more iconic than Woolrich, which has been doing its buffalo-check thing for over 150 years now. Still, we wouldn’t count this shirt as a favorite if it didn’t hold up to 2020 standards. It fits well, feels great, and comes in all the old-school color combos we love. Plus, you can’t beat that price for a shirt that’ll last you literally forever.

The Workwear Flannel

Carhartt WIP “Nigel” checked flannel shirt

Hardy flannel shirts are a workwear staple, and Carhartt remains the first name in workwear. The Michigan stalwart’s WIP sub-label takes all the authentic goodness that’s kept them in business for 130 years and translates it for a younger, more streetwise audience. The heavyweight wool-blend and bar-tacked pockets are built to withstand life on a jobsite, but the slightly trimmer silhouette makes it easier to incorporate into your everyday rotation.

The Budget Flannel

Wrangler Authentics long sleeve heavy weight fleece shirt

Still not convinced a flannel shirt is exactly your vibe? Take this $20 banger for a test drive. In addition to its classically handsome exterior and entry-level pricetag, it’s also every bit as soft and warm as that Snuggie you definitely don’t wear on the couch all weekend. Even if you don’t wind up introducing it to your actual wardrobe (you will), it’ll be a fine addition to your increasingly important at-home cozy rotation.

The Right-Now Flannel

Corridor NYC twisted yarn waffle olive plaid shirt

Over the last few years, there’s been no bigger trend in menswear than the camp collar—the louche, breezy neckline first popularized on vacation shirts back in the ’50s. These days, though, you don’t have to wait for a blazing summer day to dust off your best silky Hawaiian joint and get your camp collar fix. Shrewd shirtmakers have been attaching them to all manner of fall-appropriate garb of late, like this fetching flannel shirt from Corridor. Between the wide-open collar and waffled texture, this is about as far from Brawny Man energy as a plaid flannel can get.

The Refined Flannel

Sid Mashburn cotton-flannel shirt

Outside of your typical lumberjack plaid, the most common variety of flannel shirt might be the CPO—a traditional US Navy overshirt designed to keep officers toasty while performing cold-weather duties out at sea. In the hands of Atlanta suiting god Sid Mashburn, however, the CPO becomes something else entirely. The fit is slim and tailored, the typical navy blue is now a rich forest green, and the collar is done in Mashburn’s preferred spread style. It still boasts all the function of the original specimen, but is also now privy to a whole new world of possibilities: it’ll look as good buttoned over a turtleneck and tucked in with a suit at a holiday party as it will paired with a striped tee and chinos on the weekend.

15 More Flannel Shirts We Love

Pendleton snap front Canyon wool shirt

A little bit yeehaw, a little bit lumberjack.

L.L. Bean chamois shirt

A true outdoorswear legend that deserves all the love and praise it gets.

Todd Snyder Italian suede elbow patch shirt jacket

If you ever wondered what your lit professor’s sportcoat would look like as a shirt, here’s your answer: pretty dope!

Mr P. checked flannel zip-up shirt

Swap out the buttons for a zipper, and suddenly your flannel overshirt feels all kind of suave.

Uniqlo flannel checked long-sleeve shirt

Black and grey and fly all over.

Outerknown blanket shirt

All the warmth and utility of a flannel shirt, combined with the goes-with-damn-near-everything versatility of your favorite gray sweatshirt.

Our Legacy wool “Heusen” shirt

We’re getting faint PJ vibes from this Our Legacy jawn, and we’re not mad at it.

Rothco heavyweight buffalo plaid flannel shirt

Another old-school, heavy-duty option built to survive the woods in deep winter.

Adsum workshirt

Bright and cheery enough to keep your spirits high through the shortest, darkest days of December.

A.P.C. “John” overshirt

Like all things A.P.C., this flannel is as clean and streamlined as can be.

Carhartt relaxed fit flannel sherpa-lined snap-front plaid shirt jac

This real-deal Carhartt shirt jacket is lined with sherpa fleece to keep the chill out entirely.

A Kind of Guise “Dullu” overshirt

If you think this shirt looks good now, you should see it in 15 years.

Noah cashmere CPO shirt

Only Noah could craft a $1,500 work shirt from pure cashmere and keep it from feeling the least bit obnoxious.

Haven Woodland zip shirt

Made in Canada, so you know it’s really legit.

Reese Cooper flannel check shirt

The pockets at the waist send this to another echelon of cool.

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