Thursday, September 21, 2023

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    29 Ways to Dress Like the Life of the Party

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    Today’s hype-fueled fashion landscape yields a mountain of fresh menswear every month. Which is why every issue of GQ now includes The Drops, a guide to the best of the best new gear as it hits stores. This month, we’re busting out our shiniest shirts, pulling on our dancing boots, and surveying the season’s slickest going-out clothes.

    Fashion Friends

    Influencing is a cutthroat game. Unless you’re buddies with Tanner Reese, Deon Hinton, and Alexander Roth. These cool-guys-for-hire bring their advanced taste and dazzling style to photo shoots, art direction, and, of course, the global nightlife scene. (If you see this crew at a party, you’re in the right place.) “I’ve never looked at these two as competition,” Hinton says, “only as beautiful assets to this journey that I’m on.” —Samuel Hine

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