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    5 Marketing Trips Employees Will Remember

    Every employee wants a chance to get out of the office and travel for work once in a while. It helps break the boredom caused by being in the same place and doing the same tasks on weekdays. Marketing employees are among the teams that get this kind of opportunity every so often. They’re able to travel to unique destinations where they’re expected to promote the company and its partners. Other times, these trips are incentives for marketing staff who have met and/or exceeded their sales quotas. Either way, marketing trips leave employees longing for more.

    However, not all places offer excitement and thrill. From the scenery and entertainment to the food and culture, various places offer different experiences. Here are some of the destinations that can leave a lasting mark on employees’ minds:

    1. London, United Kingdom

    London city landmarks. Word illustration of most famous London monuments and places

    London is known for exquisite spots such as the Tower Bridge, the London Eye, and Westminster Abbey. There, you can find beautiful sights that have an air of royalty. But apart from having such iconic scenery, London boasts a huge financial industry. Even with Brexit, the city remains an ideal destination for business deals and marketing. It blends traditional landscapes with modern ones to become an excellent tourist attraction and a business hub.

    A trip to London allows your marketing team to do business and have fun afterward. Because of the city’s multicultural nature, your employees are bound to create strong connections with other professionals while making memorable moments they can look back on.

    2. The Caribbean Islands

    Martinique 2016

    While most people don’t think of business when they hear about a marketing trip to the Caribbean, this group of islands can give your marketing team the journey of a lifetime. This is in addition to allowing them to meet people from all over the world. As a prime tourist destination, the Caribbean is often teeming with investors, entrepreneurs, and corporate leaders. Your team can pitch and sell your brand successfully in a fun and social setting.

    A good way to reward your best marketers is to have them sailing on a private cruise to the Caribbean. The region allows for a number of festive activities, which are sure to boost your employees’ morale.

    3. Toronto, Canada

    Toronto is Canada’s hub for manufacturing and financial establishments. It is where the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, the largest convention and conference center in the country, is located. This makes it perfect for business and marketing travelers.

    The city is highly diverse, with half of its population being born outside Canada. This presents a wide range of potential clients for a marketing team to work with and provides world-class leisure and multicultural activities. What’s more, the team can enjoy a variety of cuisines from around the world. Bonding over food is good for team building and strengthening social relations, especially for those who have to travel in groups.

    4. Dubai, UAE

    Arabian man watching night cityscape of Dubai with modern futuristic architecture in United Arab Emirates

    Dubai is where marketing employees can meet, interact with, and promote a business to people from all walks of life. It also has some of the most stunning examples of futuristic architecture one can find. The desert country is home to the tallest building in the world as well as the largest artificial island.

    While there, your team can connect through various after-work activities and perhaps travel to nearby countries within the UAE. Dubai presents a chance for work, luxury, and fun all in equal measure. The country hosts a number of business expos and social and sporting events, so it’s recommended to plan a trip around any of them for an optimal experience.

    5. Sao Tome And Principe

    Santo Antonio town, Principe, Sao Tome & Principe

    If you would like to reward your top employees for a job well done, an excursion to Sao Tome and Principe is your best bet. Found in the West Africa Coast in the Gulf of Guinea, it’s a tropical private island meant for relaxation. After months of hard work and excellent results, your marketing team will be able to unwind and recover before a new year begins.

    A trip to the island, with its good accommodation options and breathtaking scenery, makes a wonderful reward for people who have made an extreme effort to keep the company going. Your employees can immerse themselves in the local culture, learn Santomean customs, and feast on delicious food to their heart’s content. There’s plenty of fresh seafood and fruits for them to enjoy.


    Although marketing is challenging work, adventure-filled trips can boost an employee’s or an entire team’s productivity. The list here is not exhaustive by any means; it’s only meant to show that sometimes marketing trips can involve a lot more than work. Apart from popular business travel destinations, teams can opt for ancient places as well if they’re after extraordinary life experiences.

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