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    5 Most Authentic Places to Visit in Dubai

    Exploring the breathtaking Burj Khalifa is on the bucket list of many when it comes to places to visit in Dubai. Shopping in the Dubai Mall is also an unforgettable experience. But where do you go for the unique and authentic cultural experiences in the city?

    Where to Experience Authentic Dubai

    Far from the popular tourist attraction sites in Dubai’s luxury districts and high-end Metropolitan real estate, we introduce you to the places to go to for an experience and immersion into the city’s culture and local heritage. With a mix of traditional markets, historic districts, and restaurants with Emirati cuisine, here are the top five places to see authentic Dubai:

    1. Dubai Museum

    There is no better location to educate yourself on the history of Dubai than the Dubai Museum. The museum is located inside the Al Fahidi Fort, originally home to powerful monarchs until 1896. The fort was then renovated in 1971 to become the Dubai Museum and preserve Dubai’s ancient Arab history.

    The Dubai Museum exhibits the different phases of life in Dubai from before and after the oil boom in vibrant dioramas. You’ll also experience cultural homesteads, tombs, weapons, and other significant artifacts depicting the evolution of life through the centuries.


    Photo by pixabay.com

    2. Dubai Bazaar

    Are you looking for ethnic clothes, food, spices, fabrics, and many other local products in Dubai? Look no further than the Dubai Bazaar, where you will be immersed in the local shopping life in the city — from raw silk clothing, local footwear, Arabian antiques, and handicrafts to gold jewelry and traditional spices.

    The Dubai Bazaar is a beautiful contrast to the flashy malls of the city that you must visit for an authentic shopping experience.

    Dubai Bazaar

    Photo by pixabay.com

    Dubai souvenirs

    Photo by pixabay.com

    3. Jebel Ali

    Located in the shadows of the skyscrapers in Dubai, the Jebel Ali village breathes nostalgia to all visitors.

    The Jebel Ali village was set up in 1977, which makes it one of the oldest residential districts in Dubai. The district became home to the first port workers over four decades ago, and with their settlement, they created a multicultural community. Years later, their cultural roots stand strong, and their heritage is still present and celebrated.

    Your visit to the Jebel Ali village will have you exploring the houses, churches, mosques, and temples depicting the different cultures of the community.

    4. Sufra

    Nothing screams authenticity more than food. One of the best places to visit in Dubai to enjoy traditional Emirati cuisine is the Sufra restaurant. Located at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, the Sufra restaurant is bound to take you on a cultural journey with its wide selection of traditional dishes.

    Enjoy delicious meals such as Machboos — flavorful chicken or lamb served with rice. Snack on delicious treats such as Khubz Reqaq — a crispy paper-thin whole wheat bread that can be paired with numerous fillings such as honey, cheese, eggs, etc. You can also devour desserts such as Luqaimat — sweet dumplings deep fried and garnished with date syrup. Whatever you choose to eat, your tastebuds will be in for a surprise.

    5. Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood 

    The Al Fahidi district provides tourists with one of the most unrivaled authentic experiences in Dubai for history lovers.

    Popularly known as Old Dubai, the Al Fahidi neighborhood is a haven of cultural hotels, cafes, art galleries, and museums to explore. Walk around in the narrow lanes as you get fascinated with the ancient atmosphere. You can also wander in and out of the picturesque buildings as you learn and experience the culture of Dubai.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai

    The best time to visit Dubai boils down to personal preference. No one season fits all. However, we will break down the best times to visit Dubai based on weather conditions, tourism costs, and tourist crowds. You can then decide on your best time to visit and enjoy experiences in Dubai.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai Based on Weather

    The best time to visit Dubai based on the weather is between November and March, which is Dubai’s winter season. However, you will not experience snow in this desert city, only temperatures that go up to highs in the 70s and lows in the 60s. This season has the most bearable temperatures for tourists as Dubai can get quite hot.

    The winter season makes enjoying all outdoor activities and beaches possible without risking a heat stroke.

    The winter season in Dubai sees tourists visiting the city in droves. Prepare to deal with the unavailability of accommodation for last-minute bookings. Besides, be ready for large crowds at popular attraction sites and expect hikes in the prices of goods and services.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai Based on Cost

    The cheapest time to visit Dubai is during the summer season. Summer in Dubai is between May and August. These are the hottest months in this desert city and not appealing to most tourists who cannot stand the heat. Therefore, you will definitely spend less on the places to visit in Dubai.

    There are many night and indoor activities you can enjoy while in Dubai during the summer. Furthermore, if the heat does not bother you, the pools and watersports are yours to enjoy.

    Best Time to Visit Dubai Based on Crowds

    The least crowded times in Dubai are during the summer and religious holidays.

    The summer has high heat temperatures hence is unfavorable for most tourists. Religious holidays are also an option for experiences in Dubai with fewer crowds. During Ramadhan, for example, the nightlife scene is calmer and quieter, so you only have to deal with minimal crowds.

    It is also important to note that business hours are affected by religious holidays as Dubai is a religious city. Thus, expect changes in opening and closing times when visiting during religious holidays.

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