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    5 Most Unusual Spots To Visit In Texas Before 2022 Ends

    The year 2022 is coming to a close. And what better way to commemorate your success and achievements throughout the year than to take a trip with your loved ones? However, with so many lovely places to select from, it might be challenging to decide which is perfect for your trip. That’s why you must consider your and your loved ones’ preferences. If you like uncovering hidden gems over visiting popular attractions, consider visiting the Lone Star State—Texas. 

    Texas sign at the Texas Welcome Center outside of Amarillo.

    Texas features a variety of tourist attractions. It spans from museums to natural marvels. The most fascinating aspect of Lone Star State is the abundance of bizarre attractions. Some are even situated along Texas highways and may be visited anytime. 

    So, if you’re wondering what unusual sites to visit in Texas, here are a few suggestions: 

    1. The Traveling Man 

    If your kids love robots, they’ll surely love this tourist attraction. The traveling man is an art sculpture by Brad Oldham located in Dallas. There are three sculptures altogether, and they all measure 40 feet.  

    The first piece is named the ‘Awakening’, depicting the moment the traveling man awoke from his nap. ‘Waiting on a Train’ is the title of the following installment. He’s entirely emerged from the earth and is now playing his guitar. The final work is titled ‘Walking Tall’. This is where he is, striding with a smile, a bird on his arm, and a hole in the center of his chest. 

    Another interesting fact about these sculptures is that they have tales attached to them. According to one story of the Traveling Man, a musician dropped his gin canister. It soaked down to the roots of the elm tree he was resting on. The gin then made contact with the railroad vehicle buried beneath the tree. The gin and the iron combined miraculously sparked the neighborhood’s blues music.

    Aside from these interesting facts, The Traveling Man is one of the most accessible tourist spots in Texas. It is also easy to go to and get around as various modes of transportation are available. For instance, if you’re from Houston, you can easily take a Houston to Dallas bus to get to this tourist destination. That said, consider adding this spot to your list of places to visit in Texas!

     2. Waco Mammoth National Monument 

    If you wish to travel back in time, visit the Waco Mammoth National Monument. It is home to the United States’ only nursery herd of Columbian mammoths. This site has 25 fossil fuels of Columbian mammoths, including bull and female mammoths. It also contains fossil fuels from various animals, such as giant tortoises, an ancient relative of camels, and others. 

    The fantastic thing about these remnants is that they appear untouched. Thus, there are theories that the demise of these Columbian mammoths was caused by a mudslide over 70,000 years ago. 

    3. Cathedral Of Junk

    Do you believe in the existence of treasure in the garbage? The Cathedral of Junk is an excellent example of this. This magnificent three-story structure is simply a jumble of anything that might be utilized to construct something. The project began in the 1980s when a guy called Vince Hannemann began collecting unwanted stuff in his backyard. He will take everything from metal fences to neon signs, wheels, etc. The attraction already collected 60 tons of waste and continues to this day, with communities collaborating with Mr. Hannemann to donate their junk.

    This tourist attraction is free; you only need to make an appointment. You may also use this location for weddings, parties, and other events.

    4. Cadillac Ranch

    Cadillac Ranch is a beautiful alternative to express your artistic side. This attraction has 10 Cadillacs, half buried beneath the earth. These Cadillacs have graffiti, and you may even paint your own. Just remember to bring your own spray paint. 

    Cadillac Ranch

    Amarillo, USA – 05 Novebmer, 2010 Art Installation Known as «Cadillac Ranch» in Amarillo, Texas, USA.

    The Cadillac Ranch is on the west side of Armadillo, Texas, along Route 66. It reflects America’s ambitions, goals, and the golden era of the car in America. The Ant Farm, a collective of artists, created this popular tourist attraction with the help of Amarillo billionaire Stanley Marsh 3.

    5. Superconducting Super Collider Tunnel 

    If there is one thing to remember about Texas, it is that it’s a haven for massive objects. Texas is home to the world’s largest shovel, which holds the Guinness Book of World Records, and the Superconducting Super Collider Tunnel.

    This tourist attraction was planned to be the world’s most intense particle accelerator. It was known as the country’s most ambitious research project. This is where scientists are intended to examine atomic particles to unravel the secrets of matter and understand the beginnings of the cosmos. However, because of financial constraints, Congress had to halt the project. This is because the project required at least USD$11 billion. Nevertheless, you may still explore the 14-mile underground tube and snap photographs.


    There are several tourist destinations in Texas that you may visit. And if you want to delve deeper into its peculiarities, the guide above is an excellent place to start. This may be a wonderful memory for you and your family before the year 2022 comes to a close.


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