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    8 Things to Do While Visiting Madrid As A Couple

    Madrid couple

    It’s challenging to pay homage to Madrid in a few words because the city is overfilled with life, and culture.

    With some of the finest museums and art galleries on the continent, where masterpieces from the Renaissance and important works from the twentieth century are ready to enthrall you, the city competes artistically with any other city in Europe.

    If you are going there as a couple, then we can guarantee one thing: you will surely love the city and its beauty.

    To make your travels worthwhile, we outlined the top eight things to do while visiting Madrid as a couple. Read the article to find out more!

    1. Indulge in a Musical Meal

    The first thing that might pop into your mind when you have set foot in Madrid would be having a good meal with your partner to start the day or end the day.

    Breakfast or lunch, whichever you prefer, the numerous michelin star restaurants in Spain will never disappoint you. El Café de la Pera, which is close to the Teatro de la Pera and the Royal Palace, is one of Madrid’s most romantic eateries.

    Take your beloved partner to the amazing cafe and be amazed to see that all of the waiters are members of a musical theater and opera group that interacts with diners by breaking into a song.

    Not only is this gesture romantic, but also one of the most mesmerizing moments that will make your and your partner’s day the best day spent in Madrid.

    Furthermore, this will make your supper a genuinely memorable experience. Even if you aren’t an opera lover, you will still be amazed by the musical ambience.

    2. Boat Ride In Casa de Campo

    Every couple visiting Madrid has gone for the ultimate boat experience to Casa de Campo for its outstanding beauty and the adventure within the activity itself.

    This beautiful park also includes brand-new areas, such as a grassy area on the banks and a viewing terrace, along with benches that look like actual hammocks.

    After a recent extensive renovation, the size of the jetty in Casa de Campo has seemingly been enlarged and currently covers more than two hundred fifty square meters, with four marshlands that can accommodate sixty-eight boats.

    Hence, when you go to visit this beautiful, breathtaking park and have a wonderful time, you will not have to worry about queuing up for boats as there are plenty!

    3. Explore Madrid in a Cable Car Ride

    If you are up for a bit more fun experience instead of relaxation and going around in boats, boarding a cable car with your partner sounds like an adventure to embark upon.

    One of Madrid’s best promenades, Paseo del Pintor Rosales, connects to Casa de Campo and is the ultimate place from where you and your partner can enjoy breathtaking views of the entire area as well as have a romantic time while enjoying amazing drinks on any one of the terraces.

    You can take a seat on any one of the terraces and enjoy the raw and beautiful view of Rosaleda Gardens and the Royal Garden, which definitely includes Casa de Campo from the cabins.

    Hence, we realized that maybe after taking a walk on the promenade or rowing the boat with your partner, you could have a drink in one of the cabins while witnessing the unending beauty of the royal garden and Rosaleda gardens.

    4. Chasing Beautiful Sunsets At the Temple of Debod

    Nothing beats seeing the perfect sunset from the temple of Debod with your beloved partner as you. The Temple of Debod, located just near the Plaza de Espana along with the Barceló Torre de Madrid hotel, offers one of Madrid’s top sunset viewing locations.

    The rich history behind this temple shows how much people love to enjoy the sunset from the temple itself, making it one of the most romantic activities that you can go for with your partner.
    It is bordered by gardens that have palm trees and create an exotic setting right in the middle of the city.

    Because of the endless beauty of the temple and the sunset pairing up with it, it’s truly understandable why so many couples visit the temple to capture the sunset for their wedding photographs.

    If you like clicking amazing and aesthetic photographs you can also look into other destinations in Europe to have breathtaking photos.

    Panoramic aerial view of Gran Via, main shopping street in Madrid.
    Photo by depositphotos.com

    5. Have Fun Skating In Retiro Park

    In case you are looking for something exceptionally adventurous for you and your partner, ice skating might be the answer! If you prefer skating, Retiro Park is the perfect spot for you and your partner.
    For two centuries, skaters have found nirvana on the Paseo de Coches, the park’s main promenade, and we definitely mean it when we say it’s a heavenly area for fun and a great experience for couples.

    There are skate rentals in the neighborhood, and they even arrange guided skating tours around Madrid.
    In contrast to Paseo de Cuba, Calle Nicaragua, and Paseo de Colombia, which are on more of an incline, Paseo Fernán Nez is flat and straightforward and ideal for beginners who are new to skating or are willing to try it.

    Regardless, we recommend you be absolutely careful that you are skating with a guide or not all by yourself and your partner if you are new to skating, as not all the pathways are properly paved.
    While you’re in the retiro park, you and your partner can also take a walk through Cecilio Rodriguez Garden as well. The Rodriguez gardens have peacocks that roam freely, which is another spectacular view to enjoy with your partner.

    6. Biking in Madrid

    If skating isn’t really your ideal type of activity or your partner’s, you can go biking. A green zone in the newly developed region along the Manzanares river is ideal for an enjoyable bike ride with your lover in the afternoon.

    While the section toward Principe Po and Matadero Madrid is steeper as well as busier, the southern section is rather level and straight, making it ideal for a leisurely ride.
    You can stop by the Matadero level and cross the bridge to unwind on one of its balconies, which has one of the most amazing views.

    Alternatively, you can also walk to the Segovia bridge at dusk to see the Royal Palace along with the La Almudena Cathedral illuminated after sundown.

    The fountains close to the river are also a romantic place for couples to snap pictures and enjoy the vibrant view.

    7. Rejuvenate in Arabian Couple Baths

    We bet this sounds like an ideal activity for couples and honeymooners visiting Spain. What is more beautiful than a sensual awakening in an Arabian bath, popularly known as a hammam. And we recommend you at least try this activity once with your partner, as no one truly dislikes a pamper session at a spa, especially if it is an ancient arabian bath.

    The tranquil and relaxing experience cannot be explained in mere words, as the experience itself is heavenly.

    The baths are a true sanctuary right in the middle of Madrid, and visiting them will be among the most romantic things to do in Madrid.

    The best way to make the most of your trip is to book it ahead your trip. Take your significant other to a nice romantic dinner afterwards. Luxury at its best!

    8. Traverse El Capricho

    Lastly, assuming that spa is not really something you aren’t looking for, you can definitely go for a more medieval romance. Alameda de Osuna is home to Alameda de Madrid’s sole Romantic-era garden.

    It was created as a romantic hide-and-seek maze in the seventeenth century. The parterre unfolds with trimmed hedges, resembling needlework, and while you look for your partner in the maze, nature is bound to conjure and beckon you to pause in one of its many secret hiding places.

    Hence, this might be one of the most exciting activities that you can do with your partner in Madrid. If you like medieval romantic places as such you can also look into other medieval destinations in Spain with enthralling views.


    Overall, Madrid is one of the most romantic and beautiful places to have a great time with your beloved partner as it is not only romantic but also very adventurous at the same time.
    Hence, we hope that as we outlined the eight things to do while visiting Madrid as a couple, you got your answer and inspiration regarding the destinations and the activities that you and your partner will truly enjoy when you visit Madrid!

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