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A ‘Succession’ Subplot Has Been Turned Into a Real-Life Soccer Jersey

A ‘Succession’ Subplot Has Been Turned Into a Real-Life Soccer Jersey

In season 2 of Succession, the Roy family convenes in Scotland for a surprise celebration of Waystar Royco honcho Logan’s 50th year in the business. The youngest Roy, Roman (played by Kieran Culkin), decides to impress his father by buying Logan’s childhood football club, Heart of Midlothian, who are crosstown rivals to fellow Edinburgh club Hibernian. It turns out that Roman’s big gift was for naught—Logan’s actually a Hibs supporter. Guess Roman would’ve been better off giving him a sourdough starter.

This week, the real-life Hearts FC teamed up with NOW TV, a subscription streaming service that airs Succession in the U.K., to release a limited-edition Hearts kit fronted with the Waystar Royco logo in homage to the storyline. They’re giving away the shirts this week on Twitter, and proceeds from the partnership will benefit MND Scotland, the charity organization whose logo is usually on the Hearts’ kit. (As the Instagram announcement read, MND “kindly gave up the front of the jersey space for one day only!”) They’ve even put Waystar branding around the club’s stadium, Tynecastle Park.

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“Just like the Roy children in Succession, we’re a club battling for the one place at the very top,” Hearts manager Robbie Neilson said in a statement. “Unlike the Roys though, we know we can only get there by working together.” The club’s CEO Andrew McKinley added: “We love watching the Hearts-related storylines in the show, although we’re quite thankful not to have any members of the Roy family running the club in real life! Brian and Kieran [Culkin] are always welcome in the director’s box at Tynecastle as a guest of the real owners of the club—the fans.”

Funnily enough, the Hearts are slated to play Dundee FC in the Scottish Premiership this weekend. On that note, has anyone put Dundee or Hibs in touch with the Pierce family? Let’s get PGN in on the action. Hell, get Vaulter on the phone!

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