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    Acadia National Park: Maine’s Wild Crown Jewel

    Acadia National Park is one of the few places in the Northeastern United States where city dwellers can catch their breath and enjoy the unspoiled beauty of nature. Home to jagged mountains, dense forests, and a breathtaking coastline—Acadia National Park is often referred to as one of the National Park System’s most resplendent crown jewels.

    Acadia National Park

    Rocky De’light in Acadia National Park | Photo by Ken Krach/Flickr

    One of the most popular destinations in Acadia National Park is a narrow inlet known as Thunder Hole. Wind, crashing waves, and relentless erosion have created a small cave that mimics the sound of thunder. The waves that hit Thunder Hole are so powerful, visitors report feeling the vibration of the sound in their chests.

    Acadia National Park

    Time at Acadia National Park | Photo by Ken Krach/Flickr

    Travelers who are seeking a quieter experience can retreat to one of the park’s many tidepools to observe sea stars, crustaceans, and countless marine invertebrates. Tidepooling requires steady balance and a great deal of patience, but seeing sea creatures and seabirds such as loons in their natural habitat is well worth a few hours of intense focus.

    Acadia National Park Fall Reflections

    Acadia National Park Fall Reflections | Photo by Ken Krach/Flickr

    Acadia National Park offers several ranger-guided programs which allow visitors to learn about the park’s lively history and take in some stunning vistas which are ideal for spotting foxes and porcupines. If you can’t choose between hiking, horseback riding, kayaking, swimming or fishing—a ranger-guided program is an excellent way to appreciate all that Acadia National Park has to offer.

    Acadia National Park light

    Setting Light … Acadia National Park | Photo by Ken Krach/Flickr

    One of the northernmost National Parks in the United States offers some of the greatest diversity of activities, plants, animals, and landscapes of any National Park. If you’re looking to get lost in nature, travel north—no matter what the season. Be it changing leaves, blooming flowers, snowy slopes, or refreshingly cold swimming holes—Acadia National Park truly has it all. Basking in some of America’s earliest hours of sunlight atop Cadillac Mountain is certainly worth the trip.

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