Tuesday, May 30, 2023

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    Beats Fit Pro Sale: Save 20% on Our Favorite Workout Earbuds

    When we were coming up with winners for our 2022 Fitness Awards, the answer to what would get the honor of being named best workout headphones was easy. It was obviously going to be the Beats Fit Pro earbuds. We love ‘em for their secure fit, excellent sound quality, and water and wind resistance. And now these award-winning earbuds are 20% off, as if Prime Day didn’t end a couple days ago.

    Obviously these are Beats headphones so you can be sure they’re excellent for listening to music, but because they’re primed for workouts, they won’t pop out of your ear and they’ll stand up to your gnarly sweat. They’ll also sync super quickly to your phone so there’s no lag time between working out and getting your tunes going. The Fit Pros are just, in general, an excellent pair of earbuds, so you can use them far beyond the gym.

    If you’re not on the hunt for some good earbuds, we found seven more deals worth shopping this weekend.

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