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    Benefits of Offsite Airport Parking

    Planning a vacation is magical, but can also be a little bit overwhelming – at least when it comes to taking care of the organizational issues. One of the biggest challenges, which many of us tend to postpone until the very last minute, is finding a comfortable way to get to the airport.

    Going to the airport by train, subway, taxi or bus can be an alternative, but is it really? It might be for some travelers, but surely not for everybody. Many travelers simply need to take the car. But if they do, the challenging issue of parking needs to be figured out. Offsite parking can be the answer to your questions.

    Airport Parking Availability

    Parking at the airport can be really expensive. Usually even more so, if you´re flying from one of the big international airports like JFK. Plus, the closer to the airport you want to park, the more expensive parking becomes. That’s because airport parking is limited to so and so many cars. As most travelers leave their cars there for at least a few days or weeks, there’s always an extraordinary demand for parking spots. And like anywhere else, offer and demand regulate the price.

    But a new concept for airport parking has developed: offsite parking. Instead of parking your car right at the terminal for a fortune, you simply go to a parking lot offsite, save a lot of money and avoid extra stress.

    Self and Valet Parking

    If you’re looking at offsite parking at JFK, there are basically two possibilities. Which one you choose pretty much depends on how much earlier you plan on arriving at the airport. If you always tend to be late, valet parking can be a great option: You drive all the way up to the terminal and hand your keys over to a driver, who then transfers your car to a protected offsite parking lot.

    If you want to save even more money and manage to arrive early enough, self-parking might be the most convenient option for you: You drive your car to the parking lot and then move on to the airport – either by shuttle or by yourself.

    What Are the Benefits of Offsite Airport Parking?

    Offsite parking really has become a thing for those, who cannot take public transport in order to get to the airport. In fact, it might be the most convenient alternative to a really broad target group of travelers as it holds many advantages.

    No Hassle

    Have you ever been late for your flight and almost lost it because you needed to find a parking spot at the very last minute? Have you ever missed your train on the way to the airport, not knowing if you’d still be able to catch your flight? Say goodbye to those kinds of worries. Book your parking spot, get out of your car and comfortably move on to check-in. Parking at the airport doesn´t need to cause an adrenaline rush.

    Convenience of Valet Parking

    Valet parking is possibly the most comfortable way of parking your vehicle. It gives you time flexibility as you can pull up to the gate knowing your car is going to be parked in a safe place.

    Car Wash and Services

    Sometimes, offsite parking even includes services like a car wash, a polish or a drive during longer travels to Europe. That means that after your vacation, you get a clean and sound


    Offsite parking is cheaper than normal airport parking. As the airport has to offer so and so many parking spots within a relatively small area, prices are high, whereas independent companies that own land offsite can charge you less.

    Peace of Mind

    You shouldn’t need to worry about finding a parking spot and about being able to afford it when you’re about to go on an adventurous trip. By planning ahead and booking offsite parking, you don’t just save money, but also preserve your peace of mind.

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