Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Comfort Colors T-Shirts Are 20% Off During Amazon Prime Day 2022

    The very best deal at Amazon Prime Day will save you a grand total of, um, [checks notes] two dollars. Allow us to explain: Comfort Colors T-shirts are some of the finest tees you can buy, regardless of price. The label is an old-school basics brand that really lives up to its name—its signature tees and sweats are softer than a Drake ballad and come in dozens of offbeat garment-dyed hues, like a light denim-y tone and a nice faded purple. If you go up one size, their shirts have the slightly boxy, dad-approved fit we’re all about right now paired with the softness of a vintage concert tee you stole from your actual dad.

    Right now, Amazon has a handful of Prime Day deals that’ll save you a few bucks on Comfort Colors’ bread-and-butter short-sleeve T-shirts—in both single and two-packs—along with their excellent pocket and long-sleeve counterparts. Getting a $10 tee for $8 is a great bargain any way you slice it, just cheap enough to justify tossing a handful in your cart while you’re scoping out all the big markdowns on headphones and teeth whitening strips. This isn’t the half-off Vitamix or budget Roomba you might have expected to snag today, but as we’ve learned, the best Prime Day deals 2022 has to offer are the tees we were copping all along.

    For every other worthwhile deal we’ve found, head over to our massive list of the best Prime Day Deals 2022 has to offer. Plus, make sure you receive all our editors’ shopping intel from here forward and subscribe to the GQ Recommends newsletter.

    Comfort Colors short sleeve tee

    Your bland tee rotation deserves a little added zest. 

    Comfort Colors short sleeve tee (2-pack)

    Because when you find a good tee, you get multiples.

    Comfort Colors short sleeve tee (2-pack)

    The sauciest shade of cranberry we’ve seen since November. 

    Comfort Colors long sleeve tee

    Minty fresh. 

    Convinced you need more comfort—and more color!—in your life? Needless to say, they’re a steal at full-price too.

    Comfort Colors Chouinard heavyweight pocket tee

    The closest you can get to a rare vintage tee without actually hitting the bins. 

    Comfort Colors Chouinard heavyweight pocket tee

    This is what it means to go green, right?

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