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Goofy Golf: Florida’s Blast From the Past

Goofy Golf: Florida’s Blast From the Past

If you love vintage seaside attractions, Goofy Golf in Panama City, Florida should top your list of places that you must visit. Goofy Golf was designed and constructed by a quirky artist named Lee Koplin in the 1950s. Lee Koplin strived to create a miniature golf course populated by magical creatures that would transport visitors to a fun and fantastical world. Over 5 decades later, Koplin’s enchanted golf course punctuated by oversized mushrooms, giant purple dinosaurs, and an enormous yellow dragon still brings untold joy to countless people.

Goofy Golf Panama City Florida

Miniature golf courses which feature large, colorful statutes of mythical beings and elaborate putting greens are pretty standard these days. It is important to remember that Lee Koplin was a pioneer in the world of miniature golf. Prior to the construction of Goofy Golf, nothing quite like it existed. Even though Koplin’s stately Sphinx replica is no longer one of the tallest structures in Panama City, the bright colors and piercing eyes of the Panama City Sphinx never fail to stop onlookers in their tracks.

Goofy Golf

Goofy Golf, Panama City Beach, FL

An afternoon spent putting at Goofy Golf is a surprisingly affordable and relaxing way to bask in Florida’s famous sunshine. If you’re a night owl, Goofy Golf lights up at night. A gigantic monkey with glowing red eyes lights the way for nocturnal golfers. Goofy Golf even features a psychedelic cave lit by purple and green lights. Day or night, Goofy Golf enchants miniature golfers who crave a little bit of retro magic. Your Florida beach vacation can include a brief visit to the past if you spend a few hours admiring Goofy Golf’s enormous green octopus, golden Buddha, and tiny chapel. Many have tried to emulate Lee Kolpin’s whimsical miniature golf course vision, but the truth is that nothing quite compares to Panama City’s original Goofy Golf.

Address: 12206 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL 32407, United States

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