Monday, September 25, 2023

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    Harry Styles Plays Around in His New Gucci Collection

    The suits in the collection, meanwhile, are classic Styles: big and ‘70s inspired with free-flowing flared pants. “I put on [Harry] a lot of suits for years and years,” Michele said in June. “And he was the most eccentric and free guy on earth.” Styles’s fashion inspiration lies in the rock gods who came to prominence in the ‘70s. “We were sharing for a long time images of eccentric men from the era,” Michele said. “And so we went really close to the things that are very difficult to find in vintage, or things that apparently belong to an era that, in a way, doesn’t exist anymore.”

    One thing that’s striking about the collection, and a way it departs from Gucci’s other popular collaborations with brands like The North Face and Palace, is the lack of the Italian label’s signature logomania. There is hardly a logo, insignia, or the word “Gucci” in sight. And why would you need one?The HA HA HA collection’s tailoring, colors, and playful pajamas ooze with an unmistakable Gucciness—a quality clearly shaped and influenced by Styles.

    See the full campaign below and sign up to stay updated on the release of the HA HA HA collection on Gucci’s website.

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