Thursday, September 21, 2023

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    Have We Reached Maximum Sandler Fit?

    It is reasonable to assume that Adam Sandler, as the father of two teenage daughters, knows how TikTok feels about the way he dresses. It is also reasonable to assume that Adam Sandler, as a man who wore his own roomy UCLA basketball shorts on the cover of the New York Times Magazine, has not let the noise go to his head—or his closet.

    The fundamentals of “Adam Sandlercore” are simple: XXL tees, oversized golf polos and Hawaiian shirts, wacky yet prudent footwear, biiiiiiig basketball shorts. (Another way to think about Sandlercore is that it’s basically identical to what you might wear at home or to the grocery store.) Above all, a Sandler fit must be extremely comfortable and completely unpremeditated.

    Sandler nailed all of these telltale elements when he arrived at the Largo in Los Angeles ahead of his stand-up set there on Wednesday: he tucked his pastel floral-print shirt into his blue-and-orange Adidas basketball shorts, and threw on a maroon zip-up hoodie with his technicolor Hoka running sneakers. As far as the trend goes, this outfit provides both a taxonomy and a microcosm. No one out-Adam Sandlercores Adam Sandler.

    Sandler arrives at the Largo.

    JAST, STAR/Backgrid

    Since the internet anointed him a post-pandemic fashion antihero, the actor has had to answer to his style directly: “Usually I wear the same clothes a lot because after it gets out of the laundry it feels even better,” he told Esquire back in June. “New stuff kind of gets me itchy.” (His go-to loose-fitting outfits have also been especially appropriate since Sandler’s been recovering from a recent hip surgery, which he discussed a bit in an interview with, naturally, AARP’s magazine.) These colors may clash, but they don’t run.

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