Thursday, September 28, 2023

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    Heart Motif Fashion Is Back (Plus, Where To Shop Our Favourite Pieces)

    Photo courtesy of ImaxTree

    You should totally wear your heart on your sleeve.

    The heart motif design back, and it isn’t just for Valentine’s Day. Remember the heart-shaped statement earrings and intarsia crewneck sweaters all over Tumbler and MySpace in the 2010s? With the return of the trends of that era (like twee style), we’re seeing a resurgence of ultra “feminine” pieces, including baby pink everything, rhinestone decals and kitschy motifs.

    If you need more convincing, Maisie Wilen, Marco Rambaldi and Markarian all featured heart motif designs heavily in their Spring/Summer 2022 collections. And TikTok users are obsessed with heart-shaped bags from brands such as Coach and Kate Spade, with some even lining up for hours in front of their local stores.

    @basuragang After waiting months to get this bag ????????‍♀️ #katespadeny #katespadeheart #bagcheck #bagcollection #heartbag ♬ Llawlietsbabys audio – <3

    From heart-shaped tote bags to sparkling quartz earrings and cutout trench coats, add a little flutter to your wardrobe with some of our favourite picks below.

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