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    Hole-in-the-Wall: An Old West Refuge

    If you have ever wondered how famous outlaws like Butch Cassidy, the Sundance Kid, and Jesse James managed to pull off elaborate train robberies without instantly getting carted off to jail—a trip to Hole-in-the-Wall in Kaycee, Wyoming will help you understand how these legendary Old West bandits evaded the law. The towering red rocks of Hole-in-the-Wall served as the perfect natural refuge for a busy band of robbers who were perpetually up to no good.

    The rugged cliffs of Hole-in-the-Wall offered a panoramic natural vantage point which allowed occupants to keep an eye out for roving lawmen. Local legend clearly states that no officer of the law ever apprehended any robber at Hole-in-the-Wall, or infiltrated any criminal activities that were planned or took place there. Every bandit who found refuge at Hole-in-the-Wall became an expert climber who would put today’s mountaineers to shame. Climbing a sheer rockface that featured plenty of loose stones was the only way to successfully evade the law.

    Several prominent criminals—including the Logan Brothers—operated out of Hole-in-the-Wall. There wasn’t a single gang or criminal who dominated the area, even though Hole-in-the-Wall eventually attracted a band of criminals who named themselves after the region. Every bandit who took refuge at Hole-in-the-Wall shared information and resources. At the height of its popularity, Hole-in-the-Wall was home to grazing cattle, several cabins, and a fairly sizable community of outlaws who hunkered down during Wyoming’s frigid winters.

    As the Wild West became more settled, the outlaws of Hole-in-the Wall dispersed, and the area quieted down. Today, the remnants of Hole-in-the-Wall rest on a peaceful cattle ranch called Willow Creek which offers horseback riding, fishing, and other rustic Old West activities. The proprietors of Willow Creek Ranch would like the public to know that under no circumstances is train robbing on the itinerary.

    Johnson – Natrona County Wyoming
    Kaycee, Wyoming, 82639
    United States

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