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    How Public Buildings Can Boost Visitors’ Privacy

    Whether you run a shop, restaurant, federal building, school, library, or post office, you certainly already understand how important it is for your patrons to enjoy a comfortable experience while on your premises. Part of that experience involves making sure people feel safe, welcomed, and have their privacy respected.

    Especially if you’re managing a business, failing to meet these basic requirements can cost you plenty of clients and opportunities, not to mention irreparable damage to your reputation. So, to assure your visitors that their presence is highly valued, this guide provides several recommendations on how to boost privacy in public dwellings.

    1. Investing In a Stealthy CCTV System

    Few people would dare deny the importance of equipping public buildings with surveillance camera systems. They enable the security team to monitor comings and goings, helping them make sure no one is causing a commotion inside the premises. Cameras are also the first piece of evidence the police will look at in the event of a break-in or a robbery.

    Nevertheless, it may happen that some of your visitors will feel uncomfortable knowing their every move is being watched and recorded. To avoid that, you can invest in a cutting-edge CCTV system that’s both discrete and efficient, saving your guests a great deal of pointless stress and worry.

    2. Upgrading Restroom Partitions

    Buildings that welcome hundreds of people on a daily basis owe it to themselves to have clean, decent bathrooms. Having to relieve a pressing need and stepping into a dirty public restroom can be a terribly off-putting experience. Besides hygiene, your locale’s bathrooms must also provide complete privacy. The same goes for commercial venues which, unfortunately, are often a playing ground for ill-intended individuals and voyeurs.

    Now, if besides that, your wet areas could use some freshening up, the first step in shopping for restroom divider walls is to conduct sufficient research to find the perfect installations for your spaces. There is a multitude of options to reintroduce style and privacy to your bathrooms, so be sure to compare providers before enlisting the services of a reliable contractor.

    3. Giving Access to Free Lockers

    Public buildings should either charge visitors for parking or access to lockers, but certainly not both. With that in mind, allowing people to store their belongings on-site temporarily can prove to be a very convenient amenity. Whether they need to lock away some sensitive files, their electronics, or a winter coat, knowing that they don’t have to go back to their car or carry everything on them will significantly enhance their experience. This is guaranteed to leave a great impression and make them feel right at home.

    4. Creating Isolated Booths Areas

    If you’ve ever taken an interest in interior space design, you’ll know that special attention is paid to seating areas – and that’s where booths come in. Essentially, seating booths are convenient in the sense that they provide natural partitions, which impart privacy without completely isolating the space.

    If you’re the head of a restaurant, installing a few cozy booths for customers can be a great asset in fostering a sense of privacy. The same applies to schools and public libraries that often feature large open spaces where it’s nearly impossible to concentrate or get work done.

    5. Dedicating Space to Private Lounges

    If your building welcomes eminent guests, then it’s imperative to cater to their high expectations. This not only shows that you value their presence and their business, but that you’re willing to make accommodations, which will go a long way in making them feel special.

    To that end, you can repurpose unused spaces by furnishing one or more private lounges with complete privacy. Whether it’s a gourmet restaurant or a luxury boutique, your visitors will be in awe to discover a secluded room that isn’t accessible to the masses. Cultivating such exclusivity will naturally enhance your space’s privacy and intimacy.

    6. Building a Safe Atmosphere With Plants

    The design also plays a major role in how visitors feel when entering a public dwelling. Where a well-thought-out space will immediately put people at ease, a neglected lobby or indoor open area will make them not want to spend another second there.

    If you cannot afford to make renovations, for the time being, one great option would be to introduce natural plants to your work or leisure space. Greeneries not only guarantee privacy, but they’re also soothing to look at and be around. The larger and the leafier, the better, although you’ll definitely want to mix and match to achieve an overall cohesive look.

    7. Creating a Nap Corner

    Did you know that Japanese employees who nap during the workday are seen as devoted and hardworking individuals? While that trend hasn’t made it to the other side of the ocean just yet, wellness is a vital aspect whose importance is growing with each passing day.

    The idea isn’t to invite people to tuck them in for a good night’s sleep, but rather, to provide private spaces dedicated to quick naps and relaxation. Several startups have experimented with the model and witnessed better employee productivity and happiness in the workplace.

    8. Instituting a No Photo Policy

    Few things are as bothersome as stepping into any building only to witness people with their phones in hand, taking selfies, or shooting their daily social media posts. While anyone is absolutely free to pursue whatever they like, people are also entitled to their privacy, especially within the bounds of public space.

    This includes not appearing in strangers’ Instagram stories. For that reason, more and more businesses and organizations countrywide are enforcing policies against taking pictures in certain confined areas. With a clear “No Photo” sign at the building’s entrance, you can reassure your visitors and clients that this is a place of business, not Disneyland.

    In the end, no matter what type of business or organization you’re running, the experience of your guests and clientele on your premises should be of utmost importance to you. People simply want a safe and welcoming space where their privacy is respected.

    So, if you feel that parts of your buildings (particularly the lobby and restrooms) could benefit from a make-over, consult with a specialized contractor whose expertise will help completely transform your space and enhance your visitors’ experience.

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