Thursday, September 21, 2023

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    Jonah Hill Is the Platonic-Ideal Summer Dresser

    Los Angeles, where it is sunny and mild-to-hot year round, is technically classified as a Mediterranean climate. However, within its city limits exists an alternate microclimate populated by famous people that’s as frigid as the tundra, and is typically contained within mansions, office buildings, sprinter vans, nightclubs, and posh restaurants where the AC is always on full-blast. This is why you see celebrities wearing all sorts of things in the dead of summer: hoodies, fur coats, velvet suits, leather pants. Their tundra is always nearby.

    But not Jonah Hill.

    Hill, who was born and raised in L.A., tends to dress the way we all want to dress in the summertime. On a recent night out in Malibu, he rolled up to dinner at Lucky’s steakhouse ina breezy, washed-red linen camp shirt, slightly-more-red linen shorts, and a well-loved pair of black leather slip-on mules from his favorite brand, The Row—a.k.a. exactly the kind of outfit you’d want to throw on after that post-beach, pre-dinner shower. (For the record, the post-beach, pre-dinner shower is an unparalleled summer experience.) Lightweight fabric, breathable footwear, and shorts—there’s no tricky or novel formula here. It’s hot out, so why not wear what’s comfortable?

    Another great summer shirt from Jonah.


    Plus, unlike most celebrities’ summer style, Hill’s is pretty attainable. Grab a good shirt, find your ideal pair of shorts, try out some mules, and find your beach.

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