Home Style Kendall Jenner Is Wearing Everything We Want To Right Now

Kendall Jenner Is Wearing Everything We Want To Right Now

Kendall Jenner Is Wearing Everything We Want To Right Now

A few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner did what Kendall Jenner does best: she swanned around the streets of NYC wearing some nifty designer duds, in an outfit engineered to single handedly revitalize the imperiled street style industry. This time, though, these weren’t just any designer duds—Jenner was wearing a fit of awe-inspiring proportion courtesy of The Row, the Olsen-founded powerhouse of unassuming luxury.

Kendall Jenner in New York, April 27, 2021.Getty Images

“Famous young woman wears clothing popular among famous young women” doesn’t exactly sound surprising. What is surprising is just how much Jenner’s outfit pulls from the most exciting menswear of the moment, and how good—how elegant, even—it comes across out in the wild. The aspiring tequila mogul’s look—a button-up, positively ’90s in volume, open and loose over a plain white tee tucked into navel-grazing pleated trousers that fell, with a full break, over kitten-heel sandals—happens to be one of our favorites from the The Row’s Spring 21 collection, described elsewhere in these pages as “quiet, perfectly-cut clothing that treats gender as almost besides the point.” Jenner’s latest outing marks something of a hot streak: right now, she’s wearing everything we’re jonesing to.

Kendall Jenner in New York, April 26, 2021.Getty Images

For the most part, Jenner’s outfits are made up of pieces you already own, or have seriously considered owning, and then worn with a casual mastery born from years spent under the harsh scrutiny of the public eye. There she was in late April, stepping out in a broad-shouldered blazer and slinky leather trousers. In March, she blessed the streets with a funky sweater vest, baggy green fatigues, and chunky loafers. And way back in November she was spotted on the move in a crisp white shirt and gently-tailored cream trousers, an outfit that hints at high-end origins without screaming “My sweater is $2,000 vicuna.”

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