Thursday, September 21, 2023

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    Levi’s Latest Collab Wants You to Get Wide

    When Levi’s teams up with another label, the beloved brand makes sure to deliver denim drastically different from what’s on the shelf at your local mall. Whether that means hand-embroidered florals or boldly printed motifs, a Levi’s collab doesn’t shy away from mixing things up. And the latest collaboration—with the equally iconic Japanese brand Beams—is similarly surprising. Only this time around, the world-famous jeans forgo embellishments and instead play with a wider-than-expected fit.

    The wide-body denim jacket.

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    These days, the Levi’s 501 is the standard canvas for most collaborations, but big jeans are coming back around, and it looks like Levi’s got the memo. (It’s worth noting here that the loose, slouchy fit has remained a constant in Japanese menswear.) So Beams is a pretty great partner for diving into the wide-legged waters, especially considering its reputation for giving classic Americana an elevated Japanese edge. (This is the third time the two labels have teamed up.) There are jeans, trucker jackets, and a pocket tee—all timeless staples from Levi’s legacy that Beams freaked to be Super Wide. The jeans are a baggy version of a vintage straight-leg silhouette; the trucker and the tee are both stretched to boxy new proportions. (All denim pieces also feature limited-edition back patches.) Act fast, as the collaboration exclusively dropped this week via the Levi’s app and select Beams retailers.

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    The pendulum swing from skinny to slouch has been in the works for quite some time. It started with Big Pants, and it was only a matter of time before denim got the baggy treatment. While all things pre-Y2K are rising in popularity amongst Gen-Z (ultra-wide jeans included), there is practical appeal too. A more relaxed fit means more legroom through the thighs, and the straight cut offers a more appealing silhouette if you found the painted-on jeans of yesterday unflattering. Now, these may be a tad wider than you’re used to, but rest assured they’re miles away from veering into JNCO territory. Think of these as artfully relaxed. Japan has been quietly influencing and elevating American fashion for decades—and Levi’s x Beams is just the latest moment in that very excellent cross-country collaboration.

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