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    The Best Casio Watches for Men in 2022: GQ’s Buying Guide to the Quality Japanese Timepieces

    The best Casio watches for men offer something for pretty much every outfit and occasion, usually for way less money than you’d expect. After more than 40 years in the game, not only has the storied Japanese brand figured out how to make affordable timepieces that look dope, it’s also become known for hawking some of the toughest, longest-lasting digital watches on the planet. From the Casio Classic, a sleek three-hander that costs less than your average weekday lunch, to the beefy ProTrek, a watch that comes with its own altimeter, barometer and compass, Casio consistently nails the sweet spot of style, performance, and value. And that’s only one reason why Casio timepieces are a favorite of everyone from off-the-grid survivalists to fashion-savvy watch collectors like Pete Davidson, John Mayer, and Tyler, The Creator. Whether you’ve got a safe full of Cartiers and Rolexes at home or are just starting to build out your collection, you’ll be in good company with any of the below.

    The Best Classic Casio Watches

    You can tell a lot about a brand by what they offer at the entry-level. In the case of Casio, you get a huge array of stylish, no-fuss quartz timepieces that’ll look good with everything from swim trunks to your best red carpet fits. What more do you need?

    Casio 10-Year Battery watch

    The Best Digital Casio Watches

    Casio didn’t start making watches until the ‘70s, but it made its entry in the coolest way possible: with the Casiotron. The brand’s first digital watch looked fresh, featured an LCD screen with the time and date (a big deal in 1974), and didn’t cost a fortune. A few years later, Casio changed the game yet again with a series of watches that put all of the computing power of an electronic calculator on your wrist. Today, Casio still makes a ton of cool digital watches, but the fact that the ones inspired by those early models remain among its most popular says a lot about just how well-designed they were from the get-go.

    The Best G-Shock Watches

    By the early ’80s, Casio was becoming a major player in the watch space, and their next creation put every other digital timepiece brand on notice. The G-Shock was designed to be highly shockproof and waterproof, and with a 10-year battery life it was the most advanced digital watch the world had ever seen. The original G-Shock DW-5000C is now an icon of modern watch design, but you can still get your hands on a subtly-improved modern lookalike for under $50. If you don’t like the looks of the original, there are hundreds of other models—from the candy-colored Baby-G to the apocalypse-ready Mudmaster—to round out the assortment. 

    G-Shock GW9400-1B Rangeman watch

    The Best Casio ProTrek Watches

    Casio has always been on the leading edge of electronic innovation, and the ProTrek is the place where a lot of that tech ends up. Designed to stand up to the knocks of backcountry hiking, rock climbing, and other extreme outdoor activities, its Triple Sensor (barometer, altimeter, thermometer), compass, and radio-controlled atomic timekeeping make it an essential piece of gear for your next off-piste excursion.

    Casio ProTrek Multi Band watch

    Casio ProTrek Solar watch

    Casio ProTrek Digital watch

    The Best Casio Edifice Watches

    This Casio sub-label is all about performance, with aesthetics borrowed from Formula 1 cars and airplane cockpits. It’s also the place you’ll find some of Casio’s most useful functions, like smartphone Bluetooth connectivity, world timezones, and solar power. If high-tech maximalism isn’t your thing, Edifice also serves up a selection of more low-key analog watches with refined-yet-sporty details like brushed dials and unidirectional countdown bezels.

    Casio Edifice Chronograph watch

    Casio Edifice Calendar watch

    The Best Casio Oceanus Watches

    Casio might be known for making affordable digital watches, but the Oceanus line shows what the brand can do at its most luxe. Previously limited to Japan, this seagoing sub-brand has finally started to wash ashore stateside, bringing even more nautical vibes to the Casio family. Professional-grade dive watches are the idea here, designed with Casio’s trademark industrial aesthetic and a bunch of high-end features like titanium bracelets and atomic clock calibration. If a waterproof G-Shock is an inflatable Zodiac raft, the Oceanus is a fully-equipped dive boat.

    Casio Oceanus OCW-T200S watch

    Casio Oceanus Diver’s watch

    Casio Oceanus Classic watch

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