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    The Swatch Clearly Gent Is a 1980s Grail for Under $100

    The Hublot Big Bang Integral Tourbillon Full Sapphire was one of the craziest watch drops of 2021, but that had little to do with its complex micro-rotor tourbillon movement or its $422,000 price. What makes this Big Bang so special is the fact that it’s the first timepiece with a case and bracelet milled from sapphire crystal—a distinction which also makes it the world’s first completely see-through luxury watch. Other brands from Bell & Ross to Chanel have since jumped on the full-sapphire trend with a wild array of designs, but aside from their transparency all of these watches have tend to have a couple of things in common: price tags well into six-figure territory and highly limited availability. You don’t need a bottomless savings account, however, to afford one of the coolest see-through watches ever made thanks to the new Swatch Clearly collection. 

    With its bright primary colors and clean lines, the Clearly may look like textbook Swatch (and it is), but it’s also the latest evolution of the brand’s first big hit design, the Jellyfish, from 1983. Part of Swatch’s first-ever watch collection, the Jellyfish had a transparent plastic case that proudly displayed its inexpensive quartz movement, with a matching clear silicone strap. Released as a limited-edition (Swatch recognized the power of scarcity early—even for a $30 watch) the Jellyfish’s blend of futuristic design and affordability made it an international hit and earned it a place in the MoMa’s permanent collection

    Swatch Clearly New Gent watch

    Swatch Clearly Gent watch

    While 1980s Jellyfish models regularly pop up on sites like eBay and Etsy, the ravages of time and UV rays often cause the plastic case and strap to discolor (and not in a good way). This month, however, Swatch is returning to that hallowed ground with the Clearly series, a new collection inspired by the OG Jellyfish, and it’s the perfect way to add a legit grail to your rotation while still making rent.  

    The Clearly collection is available in 47mm and 41mm sizes, but it’s the Clearly Gent 34mm that best captures the elegant proportions of the original Jellyfish, making it the most authentic successor to this 1980s icon. And lest you think Swatch has been resting on its laurels these last 39 years, the new Clearly Gent improves on the original in one important way: its case is made from bioceramic, a hybrid of plant-derived plastic and ceramic that’s as comfy as it is durable, ensuring yours will look museum-worthy for decades to come.  

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