Wednesday, May 31, 2023

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    This New Dockers Collab Will Make You Want to Wear Khakis… in 2022

    Khaki pants might not be the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of cool pants. It makes sense: beige, tan, and other likewise shades aren’t necessarily considered super style-forward colors. That feels especially true at this moment in menswear when pants feel wilder than ever before. But khaki can have its moments and is a worthy addition to any closet. (Just peep this fit from Justin Bieber, featuring an expertly cropped and delightfully raw hem.) So, if you’re looking to ride the khaki wave, you’ll be pleased to learn that Dockers—perhaps the most OG khaki brand out there—just released a collection full of high-style moments.

    The collection includes pants, shirts, and jackets, but the real star is the brand’s beloved khakis. But these aren’t the humdrum straight-legged Dockers of your youth. Nope! These Dockers come with a flat front and elastic waistband and are given a slouchy of-the-moment fit that’s tailored to be loose throughout. And despite how right-now the flowy fit feels, it’s actually an exact replica of an original Docker khaki from 1985. It comes in the classic tan, a natural gray-white, and a clever two-tone take of both shades. There are blazers to match, too, meaning throwing together a light and breezy suit for the upcoming warm weather is easier than ever.

    The collection is rounded out with T-shirts, button-ups, fleece sweatshirts, and a utilitarian parka—everything is offered in some shade of khaki, of course. Everything was produced in collaboration with Transnomadica, a vintage clothing studio founded by an industry veteran that pushes brands towards more sustainability-minded materials. For this collection, that means Dockers goods are made from a cotton-hemp fabric instead of pure cotton. (Hemp requires less water and fewer pesticides to grow.)

    Now, the humble khaki will never be the wildest pants in your arsenal. But some days, you need something unflashy and easier to pull off than some thoroughly freaked Lemaire trousers. On those days, the tried-and-true khaki will deliver in spades. Dress ’em up or down to your liking. And when you need khaki pants, it makes sense to turn to Dockers. As the brand’s famous 1988 ad said: If you’re not wearing Dockers, you’re just wearing pants. Turns out they don’t look so bad in 2022, either.

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