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    Yoro Park – Unusual Places

    With high-sounding, enigmatic, new-age names like the Site of Reversible Destiny, the Critical Resemblance House, and the Elliptical Field, the attractions at Yoro-Park in the small town of Gifu Japan inspire creativity and thinking, embrace aesthetics, and remain open to interpretation. Yoro-Park is not a theme park but rather an “experience park” upon arrival, you are told to expect the unexpected. The attractions listed above are interactive art/architectural structures that seek to challenge visitors’ bodies and perceptions. According to the park’s website, vertical and horizontal lines are eliminated as much as possible, while artificial horizons are scattered throughout the park in an effort o disrupt our innate sense of balance and perspective. The site was developed by artists/architects from New York City, known simply as Arakawa and Gins, in 1995.

    Yoro Park, Japan

    Photo via Flickr

    Photo by Flickr

    at the site of reversible destiny - Yoro Park, Gifu

    At the site of reversible destiny – Yoro Park, Gifu
    Photo by Ryyoo Obbaa/Flickr

    Yoro-Park is also home to over roughly 3,000 cherry trees that provide the park with a spectacular pink hue in the springtime. In the fall, the park’s many maple and ginkgo trees turn dark yellow and brilliant red, resembling the renowned foliage of the New England region of the United States.

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